What to Expect


I love to customize each session if possible to showcase the individual’s personality, favorite places, and unique environments. I do not like the whole “cookie-cutter” look, especially for each senior. My motto now is “just bee you!” Which pretty much sums up my style.

I am constantly trying new angles and exploring new areas to expand my portfolio, such as the “bee extreme bridal sessions” and playing with fun, innovative techniques and filters to spice up an image to make it look more like a work of art, not just a picture. I will do my best to make you feel like a movie star for a day and make you feel comfortable in your own skin. I believes everyone is beautiful in their own way and looks for ways to bring it out of each individual whether they are young, old or in bee – tween!

You will get individualized service and an experience that will celebrate your uniqueness. Bizzzeybee photography is all about allowing you to “just bee you!” You are free to express your own ideas and get many implemented into your session. If you need ideas to help make your portraiture experience more of a success, here are some particular suggestions:

• a color scheme is particularly effective with group portraiture.

Dress everyone in one family of colors. (for example: light to medium blues, like denim, work well and are easy to find in most closets. Jewel tones are always nice but particularly around the holidays. White or pastels can be wonderful, especially at the beach or with a lighter background.)

It is often difficult to precisely color coordinate large groups. Try for muted tones, such as blues, grays and browns.

With large family groups, separate sub-family groups by color. This works best if clothing styles match closely. (for example: everyone wears blue jeans and each family has a different colored t-shirt or sweater.)

• solid colors help draw attention to faces, not clothing. Muted patterns can work if they blend with other clothing. However, it is usually best to avoid bright red and fluorescent colors (unless you are a child for individual portraits.)

• casual clothing provides opportunity for a variety of poses. Bring a couple options for variety.

• long sleeves are preferable, because they create a flowing line. A short sleeve interrupts the flow with a horizontal line across the body.

• to look slim: we are often asked about this. Wear dark colors, such as navy or black, with little or no contrast between top and bottom.

• avoid photo-grey / transition lenses on outdoor portraits! Your optometrist may be able to loan you empty frames or show you how to temporarily remove your lenses.

• emotional symbols. These can be physical objects, memories, special places, interests and/or activities that tell the story of our lives. What is dad’s favorite father’s day activity-fishing, gardening, or a ball game? What would mom choose to do with the family on a free Saturday? What was the family’s favorite vacation? What objects evoke memories of childhood? We want to incorporate these symbols into your portraiture, to create truly unique art that touches your heart and soul.